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Founded in 1961, the Association of University Cardiologists (AUC) is an organization that is limited to an active membership of 125 academic cardiologists from the United States, elected by their peers. The group has a purely educational purpose and meets once per year in January for a two-day session of scientific interchange. The members traditionally are the leaders and best investigators in American cardiology. The Association of University Cardiologists contains those cardiologists who shape the course of research and training in cardiovascular disease in this country.

A History of the Association of University Cardiologists

This history is written by academic cardiologists far more experienced in writing manuscripts describing their investigation in the fields of cardiologic research, clinical cardiology or aspects of cardiologic teaching than in writing histories of organizations. That insight may become blatantly apparent as this work is read, but we sincerely hope that while this limitation may provide a few laughs, especially to the historians in the group, that it will not materially detract from the readers’ enjoyment.

We would invite anyone in possession of potentially significant additions to please forward them to the address of the active Secretary in order to be included as the history is updated, as it should be in 5 to 10 years.

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