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New Members

Every year the AUC calls for nominations for new members.  Information on how to make a nomination is sent to Active members on an annual basis, with nominations due in December of each year.  Criteria for selection of new members are:

  • Academic rank: Senior Associate Professor or Full Professor

  • Prerequisite: highly meritorious scholarly dissemination and impact.

Other factors considered include the following:

  1. National/international service: e.g., Professional organization/Governmental body (NIH study section/FDA)

  2. Teaching/Mentorship/Sponsorship

  3. Letters of support

  4. Collegiality: Candidate will attend AUC meetings and contribute to the intellectual vibrancy of the AUC

  5. Candidate’s contributions to diversity/inclusion in their career: candidate promotes diversity/equity/inclusion/accessibility via their research, clinical health equity work, education, advocacy, leadership or mentoring

Please contact us for more information.

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